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Wanted: Videos, Full Length Speeches of Father

Created by Shahram Sedehi Feb 13, 2015 at 8:08am. Last updated by Shahram Sedehi Feb 13.



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Let Us Become True Owners of Cheon Il Guk who Practice True Love in Resemblance to our Creator, The Heavenly Parent

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Divine Principle online

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Witnessing online 5 Replies

When compared to the Bible, DP often seems dry, theoretical and intellectual.  Usually, a lecturer who has emotion, can help make the DP more stimulating.  The Bible on the other hand, has a lot of…Continue

Started by Michael Callahan. Last reply by John Reed Sep 7, 2011.

Is the DP understood correctly? 24 Replies

In America, I sometimes wonder if members are burned out on the DP.  As some of you know, I worked for years on the Diagrammed DP and the Illustrated DP under Reverend Phillip Schanker.  But those…Continue

Started by Michael Callahan. Last reply by Hermine Schellen Sep 5, 2011.

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Comment by Hermine Schellen on March 1, 2012 at 3:17pm


This is one slide from the today's ODP Presentation my husband gave in the Peace Embassy. When listening to the Principle lecture, I realised again how prescious the Divine principles are.I felt that if I would really just focus on the quint essence of the DP, then they are first and foremost, a 'handbook' for each human to reach perfection and become one with God. However what is most important for us to achieve the acctual result we need to live according this 'handbook' literarly. Imagine yourself wanting to visit a place you have never been to yet. So you dont know quite the way, therefor you need a good map to give you clear directions how to get there. However no matter how great that map is, if I am not following the map's directions well, I will not reach that place, I want to be at. DP is just like that.What will really bring the desired result is by following exactly the way of the principle. No deviations and compromises allowed! We could be following a path thinking we are going in the right direction. However if we did not achieve the destination of our original mind's desire then we can be sure that we have compromised on the path and got side tracked, without even realising it. For example here in thgis slide we have the topic of Resurrection.

If we are to be completly resurrected, namely to our true original state God created the Human being, then we have no choice but to apply to the dot the principles of Resurrection: 1)  Believe in God's word and Practice it !

                                       2) Only on base of physical self can spirit self grow  

                                           to Perfection

                                       3) Merit of the Age

                                       4) Completed tthrough 3 orderly stages

         In the nutshell we can say that two things matter most here.

         A)   BELIEVE      and    B)  PRACTICE

Believe in God's words and True Parents direction absolutelly and practice it absolutelly. Then without a doubt Perfection will become Reality and not just a Dream.   "Aju"           ( there you go, I just gave my first ODP lecture on iUnificationist site     'ha ha' )  ** GLORY TO GOD AND TRUE PARENTS !! **

Comment by Hermine Schellen on October 2, 2011 at 9:07am

Aboji, on June 4th 2011 : "......What have I been centered on in my life up to this day? It is the *Principle*. Before my original mind can talk about *eternal love*, it must only know one thing - that Love. It is *the Principle* that will remain with *that Love* forever,and remain as yours and mine for all Eternity, whereever we may go.Those Principle rules- that the principles and laws of creation that God applied in His Creation- still remain. Yet, the substance of the Principle, the subject partner in the Principle and the object partner in the Principle have all been distorted.If there are true sons and daughters, or parents, they should be together for Eternity.I have been able to survive to this day in this 'Chaotic, Disorderly World'because *thePrinciple* is unchanging. Even in a World of Hell.., the *Original Substance of the Principle*, can exist everywhere ! "

Comment by Hermine Schellen on August 11, 2011 at 2:11pm

Today I was thinking about the DP statement that everything needs to pass through a certain growing period, to reach its maturity. However the same principle applies acctually for both, the positiv and the negativ development. Therefor it is important to watch out for not allowing negativ thoughts, emotions and behaviors to continue to perpetuate, but try to overcome negativ patterns quickly. Also Aboji said that if we have anything bothering us, we must try to resolve it quickly. In order to avoid more complications.

Comment by Michael Callahan on June 29, 2011 at 7:28pm
Just doing good actions because we know they are right, is not enough.  Spiritual attitude is also important. Motivation can define a good vs. an empty ritualistic action (like tithing, bowing, etc).  We need a life of reflection.  Many times, we are too busy to take the time to analyze our situation, examine our hearts, redetermine our desires.  We need to pray and meditate.  Unfortunately, we are busy people without a reflected life.  To grow, mature, change and become, we need to not just work hard and be busy for the providence.  We need to feel and realize things internally.  I hope this helps.  The reflective life is very important.
Comment by Michael Callahan on June 21, 2011 at 7:56pm
Hello Emily,
There is only one eternal truth... Divine Principle is a text book teaching the truth. True Father still emphasizes the need to study the book, Exposition of the Divine Principle. I was in Las Vegas at the ODP workshop when TF himself said this. ODP is for members who have already joined. DP is for guests and witnessing. ODP is not yet in book form and still needs to be taught by Rev. Eu. I hope this helps.
Comment by Hermine Schellen on May 3, 2011 at 8:17am

John said : "I have a conscience. Apparently the more I understand the truth ( whatever that is) the more developed my spirit mind will be"........??


If I remember correctly, then our Spirit Mind can only develop, if it has Life Elements    ( coming from Gods Words, and His Love ) and the Vitality Elements, that one can only obtain from the Physical body, by performing good deeds. Or basically if one practices what he believes or preaches :)


John : "  Is the original mind some kind of concept that I should strive towards with my spirit mind? How is my conscience related to my spirit mind and the original mind ? "


What I have learned from DP in regard of the Original Mind is that its our Inner most Nature (Core of a Human being), that we inherited from God. It is like our Essence or the DNA of a True Human Being. That Nature continued to exist,even after the Fall, as it is eternal, absolute, unchanging, just like God's Nature or Essence. And it is only because of our Original Nature or Original Mind that God, could actually initiate the Course of Restoration after the Human Fall !! Without our Original Mind or Nature, we have ZERO Chance to be restored back to God. What about the Conscience ?  Our conscience is part of our Inner Mind. It is like our Inner compass. If we are off track our Conscience knows it. Or if we make a mistake ! That's why we feel guilty or Conscience stricken, if we do something wrong. Conscience is like "the Voice" of God.

It is our invisible "Teacher" and "Guide". In short it is our Inner Faculty, through which God can guide us and help us to stay on the Track. However the Conscience is activated based on the standard of Truth that a Human Being has absorbed. For that reason our Conscience cannot operate, to the utmost degree as long as there is some Ignorance about God's 'Word' or Truth.This is why God has continuously tried to elevate the Standard of Truth, through the Religions, in order to raise the Level or Degree of our Conscience.  * AJU *

Comment by Michael Callahan on May 3, 2011 at 5:33am

Hi John,  you have many good questions.  Sometimes in the DP, we talk about physical and spirit minds... original mind and fallen mind... does this mean we have 4 different minds inside of us??? Do they all have different desires?  Do they all have different rules of operation???  Firstly, I think you know a lot of DP content and have integrated it well into your spiritual life.  I think you want to go to the next level with a deeper understanding.

I have not prayed deeply as to how to answer these questions but this is my gut instinct response at this point.  Do you think it would help if you just work with the simple mind and body dynamic?   In other words, instead of worrying about the many minds, imagine you have only one that has spiritual social needs and physical self needs.  Through prayer and meditation, we can analyze ourselves and study what direction our spiritual and physical needs are pointed.  Is it a good direction or not?  Why? 


In my DP videos, I tried to articulate the idea that human beings are different from other animals because he have a conscience.  The conscience tries to harmonize the whole and individual purpose.  Yes, animals also recognize whole and individual purpose too and seem better at harmonizing the two.  But I suspect that is because it is driven by the instinct to survive.  Human beings on the other hand, have to intentionally bring these two purposes into harmony for many different reasons ( the Fall... human immaturity...). 


I guess more could be said but its a start anyways. 


Comment by Degbey Pascal on April 22, 2011 at 5:33am

We need this time to proclaim the second advent. No one will do this at our place. So brother and sister without hesitate we should advance.

Pascal Degbey

Comment by Sylvain Millaire on April 21, 2011 at 10:39pm
Hi Michael; thank you. I am still learning how this site is working...
   Thank you for your encouragements: the way I see it, even if "members" are still separated in some ways, we are all building bridges between True Parents and “outsiders” right?
Comment by Michael Callahan on April 19, 2011 at 7:24am
Sylvain, I notice you are constantly looking to your right off camera??? Are you looking at notes?  If so, it is best to post them near the camera so you can appear to be looking at us all the time... and then you will look more informed and aware of what you want to say (even though you are still being prompted by notes).  Just a suggestion.  I only say this because I want to help. Good luck in your outreach.  God bless you.

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