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Let Us Become True Owners of Cheon Il Guk who Practice True Love in Resemblance to our Creator, The Heavenly Parent

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Interreligious Harmony is the beginning of World Peace


Interreligious Harmony is the beginning of World Peace

The Aim of this Group is to explore the rich Cultures,Ideologies and Traditions behind,the Major Religions. Which have been initiated by God,to built a Worldwide Foundation,to welcome True Parents.

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** General Introduction

Judaism is the "religion, philosophy, and way of life" of the Jewish people.[1] Judaism, originating in the Hebrew Bible (also known as the Tanakh) and explored in later texts such as the Talmud, is considered by Jews to be the expression of the covenantal relationship God developed with the Children of Israel. According to traditional Rabbinic Judaism, God revealed his laws and commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai in the form of both the Written and Oral Torah.[

Discussion Forum

The role of Islam in the Last Days

Whether the world accept it or not, Islam as a faith has been ordained by God to take the role of the  elder brother to younger brother,Christianity, just as it was ordained for Ismael and Isaac in…Continue

Started by Ali Mahjoub Jan 24, 2011.


JUDAISM'S  HISTORY &  PRESENT TIME :            Continue

Started by Hermine Schellen. Last reply by Hermine Schellen Sep 16, 2010.

*I S L A M*


Started by Hermine Schellen Sep 15, 2010.



Started by Hermine Schellen Sep 15, 2010.


BUDDHISM'S       HISTORY      &       PRESENT    …Continue

Started by Hermine Schellen Sep 15, 2010.



Started by Hermine Schellen Sep 15, 2010.

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Comment by Hermine Schellen on January 13, 2012 at 1:46pm

                                                                                 Hussein ibn Ali

                              Today is a special Day for the Shia as to commemorate the '40th day' after Imam Hussein was killed (with 70 other clan members)1400years ago. Each year the 'Week'  and then the '40 days' after the massacre are being especially commemorated. And before that there is the "Ashura" (10 days)       This year for the first time I eye witnessed the Ashura with an UPF Delegation from Japan and Lebanon, as we had a meeting by chance on the first day of Ashura (27thNov.)in Nabatieh. 
                                                                                                                                                          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Husayn al-Shahīd
Imams of Shi'a Islam
Kerbela Hussein Moschee.jpg
The Imam Husayn Shrine in Karbala, Iraq
Rank 3rd Twelver/Zaidiyyah/Mustaali
2nd Nizari Imamah
Name Husayn ibn ‘Alī
  • Abu ‘Abdillāh[1][2]
  • Abu al-Ahrār[3]
    (Arabic for Father of Freedom)
Birth 3rd[1] or 5th[4] Sha'aban 4 AH[1][4]
8 Jan., 626 C.E.
Death 10th Muharram 61 AH[1]
≈ 10 Oct., 680 C.E.
Birthplace Medina[1]
Buried Imam Husayn Shrine, Karbala
Life Duration

Before Imamate: 46 years
(4 – 50 AH)
– 7 years with his grandfather Muhammad
– 7 years with his mother Fatimah
– 36 years with his father Ali
– 46 years with his brother Hasan ibn Ali

Imāmate: 11 years
(50 – 61 AH)
  • ash-Shahīd[3]
    (Arabic for The Martyr)
  • as-Sibt[3]
    (Arabic for The Grandson)
  • Sayyidush Shabābi Ahlil Jannah[3][5]
    (Arabic for Leader of the Youth of Paradise)
  • ar-Rashīd[3]
    (Arabic for The Rightly Guided)
  • at-Tābi li Mardhātillāh[3]
    (Arabic for The Follower of Gods Will)
  • al-Mubārak[3]
    (Arabic for The Blessed)
  • at-Tayyib[3]
    (Arabic for The Pure)
  • Sayyidush Shuhadā[1]
    (Arabic for Master of the Martyrs)
  • al-Wafī[3]
    (Arabic for The Loyal)
  • Üçüncü Ali
    (Turkish for Third Ali)
Father Ali
Mother Fatimah

Ali · Hasan · Husayn
al-Sajjad · al-Baqir · al-Sadiq
Musa (Twelver) · Ismail (Ismaili)

Hussein ibn ‘Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib (Arabic: حسين بن علي بن أﺑﻲ طالب‎)‎ (3rd Sha'aban 4 AH – 10th Muharram 61 AH; 8 January 626 CE – 10 October 680 CE, also spelled Hussayn) was the son of ‘Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib (final Rashidun Caliph and first Shia Imam) and Fātimah Zahrā (daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad) and the younger brother of Hasan ibn Ali. Husayn is an important figure in Islam as he is a member of the Ahl al-Bayt (the household of Muhammad) and Ahl al-Kisa, as well as being a Shia Imam, and one of The Fourteen Infallibles of Shia Twelvers.

Husayn ibn ‘Alī is exalted by all the Shia as a martyr who fought tyranny as he refused to pledge allegiance to Yazid I,[6] the Umayyad caliph. He rose up to create a regime that would reinstate a "true" Islamic polity as opposed to what he considered the unjust rule of the Umayyads.[6] As a consequence, Husayn was killed and beheaded in the Battle of Karbala in 680 (61AH) by Shimr Ibn Thil-Jawshan.[7] The annual funeral in the memory of him, his family, his children and his As'haab (companions) is called Ashura (tenth day of Muharram) and is a day of mourning for Shia Muslims.

Revenge for Husayn's death was turned into a rallying cry that helped undermine the Umayyad Caliphate and gave impetus to the rise of a powerful Shia movement.[6]

Comment by Hermine Schellen on November 6, 2011 at 6:24am

* Eid Adha Mubarak * to all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters !  Today is the first Day of one of the greatest Muslim Feasts. *Eid Adha* It commomerates Abrahams intent and readiness to slay his beloved Son Ishmael, according to God's command( yes in the Islamic tradition, it is Ishmael not Isaac who went with his father Ibrahim, for the sacrifice )Also this is the time of *Hajj* , were many Muslim Believers,  go to Mecca for the pilgrimage. The last 3 days of the *Hajj*,are celebrated by all the Muslims throughout the world as *Eid Adha*, where usually on the second Day of this Feast,a Lamb or other Animal is being sacrificed, and some believers will donate Gold or Money representing the Offering.             " Eid Mubarak'

Comment by Hermine Schellen on August 3, 2011 at 12:25pm
Good points brother! Thank you*
Comment by Peter O Phillips on August 2, 2011 at 9:14pm

When you can only do a little, do it. Soon you’ll have the chance to do a little more, and a little more again, until the job is done.

When you only have a moment or two, make full use of whatever time you have. Even when you can’t get all of it done, you can get some of it done.

Forget about the time you don’t have, and use the time you do have. Instead of worrying about how you’ll do it all, focus on doing what you can right now.

Achievement requires many steps. So take another one each time you can.

Don’t waste your time complaining when the interruptions knock you off track. Just get yourself beyond them and get quickly back to work.

Do what you can, when you can, as often as you can. Your persistent, consistent efforts will surely and steadily take you where you choose to go.

Comment by Hermine Schellen on May 14, 2011 at 1:55pm
Hyung Jin. yiyeonah 
When I read Hyung Jin Nim's Qoute on Twitter I was truly amazed, cuz he is saying literally, what I thought a few days ago !  This is so simple statement yet very profound, because it really says that at the Core of the True Religion is God's Love. ** AJU ** 
Comment by Peter O Phillips on January 28, 2011 at 3:25pm
Interestingly enough,the Barbados National Peace Council(UPF Barbados) has just had an interfaith  rally,comprising various religious bodies..And even though many had promised to participate,and did not show was still rewarding for those who did..I can really agree that when the religious world is united,then true peace can come about..All of us do have an important role to play..True love is the harmonizing factor..not just talking about it but actualizing it...remain blessed all.
Comment by Hermine Schellen on January 28, 2011 at 12:44pm

Hello Brother Peter. Welcome to the Interreligious Harmony group.

And thank you for this great comment! It has lots of good points in it.

Comment by Peter O Phillips on January 28, 2011 at 7:08am

If you give in to the disapproval of others, you'll simply encourage them to disapprove even more. If you fight against their disapproval, that will also cause their disapproval to grow stronger.

Your most effective response is to gently accept the disapproval, then let it go and move forward. That strategy will dilute and dispense with the resistance you encounter faster than anything else.
Stop needing the approval of others, and you'll receive more approval and support than ever. Live each moment from your own inspiration, not from your desire to look good in the eyes of others.
You can be exceptionally kind, loving, giving and respectful without being a slave to the opinions of others. Accept that other people will disapprove of some things you do, and you'll free yourself to do truly magnificent things.
Your great value does not derive from the approval of others. You are entirely worthy and able to give much to life, regardless of what anyone else may think.
Graciously and enthusiastically accept that others will disapprove, no matter what you do. And delight in the freedom of doing whatever you know is right for you.
Comment by Hermine Schellen on January 14, 2011 at 11:20am

*Welcome dear  brother Micheal*

Would you mind,just to give a brief intro about yourself ?

Comment by Hermine Schellen on January 13, 2011 at 7:41am

Hello Nadya,I was just reading your interesting comment here.

Sounds like a great idea,to post some excerpts from Ms.K.Armstrong's book here. I can't wait to see them :)


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