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Catherine Cissé's Blog (152)

" Eating Raw Is Healthy And Joyful !"

It is a whole year now that I drink much water every day.

My older sister encouraged me to do it.

It took time to do it. I mean to really drink 2 litres of water 

every single day.

Once it became an habit, my body desintoxicated itself pretty fast,

slowing it down only…


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" Why Is the French Version of SMM's Autobiography Is My Favorite ! "

Without that specific publisher, none in France agreed to publish SMM's life style

and accomplishments.

That man is known on the French public place to help those who are politically

uncorrect, therefore suffer lack of support with the medias.

Sun Myung Moon is one of them.

The original suggested draft handed over came back filled with red

remarks throughout the whole work, and photos reduced by many.

The man said : "I always read personally a…


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" Without Jesus, No SMM/HJH, No True Parents ! "


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" My Husband Is My Savior ! "

   I knew that already. Hm... so I thought I knew. But...

   A discussion read somewhere on couples calling each other dad

   or mum had me to ask my husband to : "please call me Catherine,

   no more mum." . He shared how difficult that would be. Facing

   my insistance, he pleased me calling me Catherine.

   A while ago, his deepest desire to call me mum came out, but

   he soon corrected his mind. That brought me to let him know

   how I…


Added by Catherine Cissé on December 10, 2014 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

" Meeting A Central Figure ! "

  It isn't simple to answer a central figure.

  There was a public event held by UPF in Paris, for the sake of Peace.

  I could have gone there. However, an event held somewhere else,

  not by UPF then, attracted me for the pertinence of the slogan offered

  by the organisators.

  "Overcoming racism and communitarism : that will bring Peace".

  It is the citizens's life experience in their area that let them

  reach that…


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" 10 Reasons Eating Food Is Good For Your Health And For The Planet ! "

 This article was written by Jonathan Mead, from the "Illuminated Mind".

  However it has been my search since childhood to understand why I had an extreme

  attraction to eat the grass like cows,…


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   -  what are guests, spiritual children, tribe members, for in one's life ?.


   -  do special envoys, national messiahs, foreign missionaries, have something 

       to do with local membership ?. 

   -  how is the physical aspect of CIG being built up…


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Three weeks ago, beside their Once a week One day conference in a different village

each time, my husband had two guests, and our daughter three, who graduated

7 days workshop.

Here come our daughter's three happy graduated guests.



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" Pardon, Heavenly Parents ! "

Pardon, Heavenly Parents,

to have thought, and believed, that every success,

every good deed where mine. 

Arrogantly sweating ego-centeredness, 

stupidly putting smiles on, pretendingly humble.

Pardon, True Parents,

to have been in your presence, yet absent-conscious,

unfair to God crowling back to existence.

Depriving you from tons of funs, unic and needed.

stupidly putting smiles on, pretendingly…


Added by Catherine Cissé on August 17, 2014 at 11:55pm — 2 Comments

" Prayer In Action Acknowledges Other's Abilities And Skills ! "

Please HP, TP, Heung Jin Nim, protect our pledge and our integrity.

Since two days, my spirit burns from pain, coming out from the sternum.

HP shares a son of Them who is hurting deep within, to be ignored if not looked down...

We like pets, often have one or a couple of…


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" Spiritual World Is Helping Witnessing ! "

In Mali (Africa), my husband focuses on witnessing his tribe members. Few days ago, one of his nieces (a Moslem) dreamed that, she went to visit her friend, and when she arrived near by the front door, another door came in between her and her friend's front door, with this writen on it : Révélation de Moon  (Moon's revelation). 

I feel this is Heavenly Parents's touch, as soon as we let True Parents become the center of our life.

Added by Catherine Cissé on May 24, 2014 at 12:30pm — No Comments

" Mother's Voice Cries Her Love For Us ! "

              " La Voix De Notre Mère Pleure Son Amour Pour Nous ! "

La voix de notre Mère est un long sanglot,  True Mother's voice is a long sob,

plein de retenue, mais un long sanglot.        full of restraint, but a long sob.

Elle peine a porter le poids de la douleur      It pains in carrying the weight

                                                                             of the suffering



Added by Catherine Cissé on April 14, 2014 at 4:54pm — 1 Comment

" Thank You, Your Generosity Has Brought Great Fruits!"

Thank You all, whom generosity permits my daughter, Shin Ae,  to participate in

Cheongyeong 's 40 days training.

Thank you to Bakary and Mary Camarra who offered the transportation fees from Mali to Cheongpyeong, and return, to Shin Ae who so much longs to  be matched and blessed

by True…


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" True Freedom ! "

To surrender to living for my daughter, giving her a "home",

a very place she feels free and happy to come back all the time,

because, there, she is free to think by herself, to choose and decide,

and to rebel too, was difficult to learn and articulate.

It was easier to dictate, teach, and protect....

I cried and complained. And I surely suffered unjustified worried.

After all, I had, still has no real idea of what a BC is.

I needed help to…


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" True Father Came To My Dream ! "

Few nights ago, this happened in my dream :

We had gathered in some kind of theatre to welcome True Father.

Until He came in, most of us were quiet, some praying, some reading true words,

others preparing taking notes, etc.…


Added by Catherine Cissé on February 17, 2014 at 11:26am — 4 Comments

" One Day Workshop on DP at Katibougou, Mali !! "

Every Saturday, Aziz, together with our daughter Shin Ae, hold a one day workshop on DP.

This time, it was at Katibougou, nearby Bamako.

Three hundred men, women, youth, attended.

Peace ambassadors were born, and given the diploma.…


Added by Catherine Cissé on January 22, 2014 at 1:43am — No Comments

" Love With Silence (SMM) "

(40 days with this poem from Father as only measurement to where

 I am at with true love taught me perfectly well to still be sinning)


  " Love with Silence "

    As I have loved you, love other without any words,

    even without expressing at all, for love…


Added by Catherine Cissé on January 13, 2014 at 10:53pm — 1 Comment

" My Older sister Shared About Meeting House ! "

Yes, Father had many times shaked us up about it :

true words are for our own sake, not to be misused or abuse 


My second older sister had that comment recently.

She had surprised me in the past, when I wrote few words about

True Mother, liking it !.

She surprised me too, few days ago, describing her impression

about this site. 

She says : it really gives you (me and members) what its chart says :

space to share personal…


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" Something Good Happen, Today ! "

When I open the eyes this morning,  it took few seconds to gather

mind and body.

Then, I saw all the good things begin to happen :

- one more day is offered to me to paint it.

- fresh water to drink.

- rich with a shower at hand.

- eyes to see.

- health about good.

- ideas to put on practice.

- TF wispering : "love with silence"

- the discovery of a promising young artist.

- to witness a 2ndG able to turn out a…


Added by Catherine Cissé on January 10, 2014 at 12:44pm — 2 Comments

" To Mature As A Couple ! "

A brother had come to our local community, to share the service with us.

A joy to meet him for those, who had no better opportunity to see him.

The coffee time was a chance asking about his wife that I knew as well.

He simply replied : "she exists".

Our common experiences in teams made it so that he knew to be given

freedom to go strait to the point.

A healing moment,  free to be sincere and real...

A long silent communion, allowing Heavenly…


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