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Wanted: Videos, Full Length Speeches of Father

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Let Us Become True Owners of Cheon Il Guk who Practice True Love in Resemblance to our Creator, The Heavenly Parent

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EFFECTIVE follow up to new contacts THROGUH INTERNET

This style opened amazing new dimensions of education my contacts and being able to keep in touch and send them new inspiring information and invitations for interesting events. I always had this experience; I would go in a train or bus and get to know amazing people. After sharing with them inspiring info about our vision and beliefs, we could share telephone number or something, but was difficult to follow up with their education.

Later things changed a lot. We published few good books explaining our believes. Specifically I would mention the book, True Love and Forbidden Love. Each time I gave it to people I met, they would read it, get very inspired; read it again and even give it to their friends. The book explains in short and nice way our core believes and vision for peace, the essence of the family problems.

Yes email existed, and we could communicate a bit after their reading. I could even send them few more articles to read. But things couldn't somehow go beyond that. Time and distance played it's role.

Internet opens a new amazing realm of witnessing we could just dream of

Once I started blogging, things completely changed. Each time I knew some article will be inspiring for some of my new contacts I would just skype them the link. Time to time I would send them a short email describing the latest popular articles. So they had the freedom to read just what interested them. Some wrote they were studying carefully what I send them even with their whole family.

What I felt is, that blogging opened their minds. It stood as information source that represents our ideas, where they could feel our ideas represent also what they believe about family, love and peace. It created easy way to always share some link and share together our inspiration about these ideas. Even my own brother and his girlfriend started checking all the articles and be amazed by many things. Where is, in the past was so difficult to talk with my brother about such things.

Like I mentioned in my testimony, suddenly I found people just next street who were reading and following my blogs without ever meeting each other. Suddenly people from different towns of Bulgaria write me that they were so inspired by our views that they want to join. Since I have tens of thousands of readers each month, I wander, how many more people are out there who are so inspired? But than comes the next question: How many more millions I have to reach? Haw many more areas I didn't write about?

Just in the past few weeks I gave the book to 3 nice families we accidentally met. These are 6 adults and 6 children. These are lots of contacts to make in a week or two. Now follow up is so easy. I sent them links to my article, "Parents with many children are happier" and we had nice discussion on skype.

Now you can create contacts every day, get their skype address and it is easy to keep educating them no matter the distance.

Having my own blog allows me to put there any information that I feel will be helpful and inspiring to my personal type of contacts. Often if I send them to other pages they might have to face information not that interesting or understandable to new contacts.

Sadly many of our websites are often too theological, or even not friendly to outside people. Other Websites of our movement are not easy to search through. Many times it is obvious that the articles are written specifically for members and don't sound relevant to outside guests. But with the time, I feel, that starts changing. More and more our brothers and sisters start feeling the need to write and introduce who we are to the world.

Internet can let you reach millions with the truth

Just think of it; If you like biology, psychology, history, education, parenting (any area of life)... you can write articles about that, to even influence the trends of thinking in your country.

Join the 5 week free of charge "Web Ministry"class

class for Blogging at the iUnificationist Online School

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Comment by Hermine Schellen on August 9, 2010 at 7:03pm
Thank you Yulian for this Information. rgds H. Sch.

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