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First Love : God as My "Heavenly Wife, My Sexual Partner"

Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love."( Revelation 2:4)

We have read in the new testament that our "first love" should be Christ, referring to the concept, "Christ as the bridegroom and we as bride".
However, let's get "real"! Christ is a male, and I as a male would not want him to be my first love!!

Well, I must proclaim here, that, I have made love with the "Heavenly Spouse", without even touching my spouse...!
I know you maybe saying, "hey, this is all heavenly stuff, and has nothing to do with the earthly human concept of yours!"
Well, if you like to stick to that point of view, then stop reading from here...

For the rest of you, let's keep researching!.. In most holy books God has many attributes* or names. So obviously God is not something we can describe in one word!

In Unificationist theology, God has 4 major characteristics: The dual attributes of the original "inner character" (Sung Sang) and "Outer form" (Hyung Sang). And the other two which I am focusing on is: The original "Masculine" (yin) and "Feminine" (yang).

The human family unit is said to be the manifestation of these four characteristics. The parent and child relationship represents the first set of dual attributes and the conjugal, husband and wife relationship, represents the 2nd set of dual attributes.

However, here comes the catch 22! How does one worship God, as original Heavenly Parents, while worshiping God as the "Original Husband and Wife"!?

Well, you may say easy, one can worship God as the Original Parent, through one's relationship with True Parents. And one can worship God, as the original Husband or Wife, through one's spouse, of course!

Well, I did try that, but it did not work! So what gives!?..

The whole process of being reborn through the Blessing, has been about resolving this seeming contradiction.

We were to re-discover God of our ancestors, in a whole new light. We were to see God, beyond many attributes he has been worshiped for, mainly as an angelic, or "spiritual" being; who is a spirit and has nothing to do with this corrupted physical world.

Yet, through the Divine Principle and following True Parents as single members we met God more intimately, as our Heavenly Parents. However, once we were Blessed we were supposed become even more intimate with God.

Even though one could always start his journey of intimacy with God, as one's parent, but, it is not the place to stop,... absolutely not.

In the light of what I have expressed so far, the phrase, "first love" in Revelations, can also be referring to God, Him/Her Self, not just Christ.

Beyond God as our Heavenly Father or Mother or Parent, we need to experience intimacy with God as our "Heavenly First Love": Our "Heavenly Wife" or, "Heavenly Husband", depending on our gender.

The reason our ancestors hesitated to worship God as a wife or husband, is because the advent of Blessing had not arrived. The sexual conjugal relationship, all together has been thought of as an unholy act.

Now, we are not talking about of nuns and priests relationship with Christ as His Bride. Although, that was quite noble of those Catholic missionaries, but, that is entirely unreal in terms of God's original purpose of creation, as having manifest His image in humanity, in the form of the two sets of dual characteristics, parental and conjugal.

So, many of us, as we received the Blessing of marriage from God, through True Parents, had developed a relationship with God as our Heavenly Parent. However, we never imagined God as our "Heavenly Wife or Husband"! So when we went to bed with our spouse, we saw just another human beings. We could not worship God through the Sexual act, most of the time.

However, this affected two things: one, our relationship with our spouse and God as "Heavenly Spouse" and as well as our relationship with God as our "Heavenly Parent".

The Blessing was supposed to give us God as the "Heavenly Sexual Partner through our Spouse", in addition to God as our "Heavenly Parent".

However, Blessing is a all or nothing deal! In Blessing, once we cannot meet God as our Husband or wife, we cannot meet God as Parents either! So as we have observed, when a Blessed husband or wife, get stuck or degrade in their relationship, their faith in Heavenly Parents and True parents decrease automatically.

So, before we make love to our spouse, it is detrimental that we make sure we make love to God as our spouse, with our entire being!

Some of you maybe saying..."hey, now YOU are getting unreal, how can I experience God as my spouse , BEFORE I have sex with my spouse?!

Well, I must proclaim here, that, I have made love with the "Heavenly Spouse", without even touching my spouse...! Yes, God is real and alive, and can be experienced in any way, if you have the absolute desire for it. So, yes I can worship God through "Her sexuality", beyond the actual physical relationship with my wife.

Now these claims, should not be confused with the worship of sex itself, which was the religion of some fertility sects, worshiping sex as God. I am talking about God as my spouse, and "Spouse" indicates, fidelity, and not promiscuity.

Conclusion: Rebirth and growth in a Blessed marriage comes through, only and only, the sexual relationship. However, the sexual (though spiritual and intangible) conjugal relationship with the "Heavenly Spouse" must occur, before and during the physical sexual relationship with the earthly Blessed wife. Other wise, the Blessing relationship will not grow and will not last eventually; because Our "first love" is not our earthly spouse but our "Heavenly Spouse".

Man to Man Talk: Now, we men have the greatest appetite for sex, without any help from our spouse! If God asked you, how do you imagine Her as a woman, how would you describe her?!
Would you say, she has the look of "mother Teresa" or someone like the illustrations of God as Venus, for example? Which one of them could satisfy your sexual appetite? Be real now, for "God" sake!

So, don't settle for anything less than the best, God, "Herself"! Please!

Imagine Her...with Breasts as huge as the size of the entire planet Earth... before and while you make love to your Blessed wife! By the way, while you are at it, imagine your "sizes" as giant as God, the Heavenly Husband!

Now, True Father saying, "when you hear thunder and see lightening bolts, that's the sign of love making between man and woman", is much more imaginable, isn't?

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Comment by Martin Svajdlenka on April 28, 2010 at 11:47pm
Sorry for confusion. Yesterday I was already too tired. I must correct myself.
1. That gospel is Gospel of Philip, not gospel of Thomas.
2. In Noah's family, Noah did foundation of faith, Ham (not his son Canaan) had to inherit it, but he failed (ashamed himself from father's nakedness), so he was not prepared to lay foundation of substance - subjugate Sem (who was in Cain position). Only then we can speculate about somebody in Eve's position...
So my previous comment about Noah was misleading one.
Comment by Martin Svajdlenka on April 28, 2010 at 8:57am
very interesting...

still for many "old" members hard to understand, maybe especially for sisters... My wife is young, we love eachother very much, but still many absolute sex concepts are not easy for her to unite with. It is much more burden for her, than inspiration. She thinks many times like catholic nun.

I like very nice absolute sex inspiration (except from Fathers words of course) - the Gospel of Thomas apocrypha. There is a lot about absolute sex (altrough they call it bridal chamber):

This ancient gospel contains lots of principle teachings, including physical father of Jesus, feminine nature of Holy Spirit, origin of fall of man, reality of spiritual world, purpose of messiah, and even some indications to blessing and 3-day ceremony.

Another interesting sites connected to restoration process:

How is restoration of fall done? According to principle by reversal process of fall. So there maust be somebody in position of archangel, Adam and Eve.

1st central person was Abel (in posiotion of Adam). Cain was in AA position. What about Eve position?
There are lot of ancient myths (jewish, muslim, early christians) regarding this woman.
The First Book of Adam and Eve (another apocrypha), Part 10:
Similar story is in Boook of Bee and many other ancient scriptures.

2nd central person was Noah. Who was Adam - Noah or Canaan? But who was AA and Eve? Only 8 persons are in Ark! Could Noah and his son alone solve the fall? Just by accepting naked father? No! Something more has to happen! Btw, all persons on ark had 40 days separation period...
"22 Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father's nakedness and told his two brothers outside. 23 But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and covered their father's nakedness."
Lev 18:8 "The nakedness of thy father's wife shalt thou not uncover: it [is] thy father's nakedness."
"His father's nakedness" is his father's wife or maybe somebody else...
The above site offers following solution (there are actually two variants): Ham saw Noah having sex with someone other than Mrs. Noah. Was it so? Who knows?

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