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Wanted: Videos, Full Length Speeches of Father

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Let Us Become True Owners of Cheon Il Guk who Practice True Love in Resemblance to our Creator, The Heavenly Parent

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  To meet my two oldest sisters, after quite a long time, came after I read United Blessed Women, The Main Source of Life For The Holy Spirit A...It encouraged me to check how I was doing with other women so far, members or not, and it is true that a men's view helps as well.

  With a clearer heart, I visited my older sister,

  that I had not met in person for a long time, and had fun finding little presents I knew would touch her. It happened indeed. She, then, invited my other sister to come over for the rest of the day.To value and bless them was the most inspiring to my heart.

  As a result, my oldest sister invited me again, soon after that. And again, I had fun finding little gifts I knew would touch her. To my surprise, she had planned shopping for me, and ended up offering me two differents outfits and more. Precisely what I looked for !

  My other sister having traveled with her husband, we spent the rest of the day chatting, she and me. But like never before, the sharing soon bloomed to more intimate happenings.

  I could expose my up-to-date family situation, letting be that life under Divine Principle is in no mean 'perfect', but a golden tool to unfold the complexity of human relationships.

  I wanted to express, without actual words, how I was so   liberated by God and True Parents, living a blessed life despite all my circumstances.All this opened the way up for a real communication with my   sisters.

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Comment by Catherine Cissé on May 29, 2012 at 4:25am

A nephew asked for my friendship on Facebook. I shortly hesitated, facing the background how all of my nephews

and nieces were kept away from meeting me, afraid by the insisting rumors about TP. But, they naturally grew

up. With a facebook page I feed with blogs from iunificationist only and, more recently, with a short sharing how,

33 years ago, I/ we were there, in London UK, few to dare meeting the man all in Europ heard about by the

media, and more than that, dare asking him to pick our love partner for us, so unlike the cultural environment

in Europ, and a page anyone can find, I went for it. I believe that he perfectly know what to expect with me.

I also had added a photo of juice drinks, with a few words : thank you for passing by. Please, sit down and have

a drink. Because of that, I become able to become better known by many other nephews and nieces.

thanks God, their English is better than mine.

I reported the happening, just as it happens, like I keep doing with my sisters, letting God guide.

With my older sister, we recently spent an heartistic moment. She had wanted to show me short videos

of the performing choir she belongs to, with her long time friend. A mini choir of about 20/35 ladies.

the filming enregistered a concert done for a charity cause, in a stony church, where music and singing

have a particular resonnance. But the most fun is that we ended up singing together as the programm was

a pot-pourri of Japanese children songs, mosts I knew, and her favorite song : Amazing grace !

Amazing grace she emailed me !.

Comment by Catherine Cissé on April 26, 2012 at 2:47am

To listen works well. It helps to trust that the other also walks the walk.

'Why didn't He ever say something about all the blamings spoken against him?'

asked my older sister, betraying a frustration about it, more than about the blamings.

I simply acknowledged her concern.

Later in the day, the universal issue with conjugal love came.

When two end up ordinary housemates after the children are well

grown-up, to have omitted nurturing their self.

What a strange impression to face be with a similar course to restore that, now,

even though with TP and DP sinceseveral decades.

Father says in BIF : "it is easier to be the president of a nation than becoming

a true husband or a true wife".

The more I train to listen, the more I am able to come down to the point to say of TP.

Comment by Hermine Schellen on April 4, 2012 at 1:28pm

Nice testimony Catherine. That's the true witnessing, centered on heart not Ideology.

To sow the seed of truth in form of DP, we need to first "cultivate the ground".   :)

Comment by Catherine Cissé on April 4, 2012 at 5:21am

" Say thanks to him on my bahalf, don't forget ! " said my older sister, mentioning life coach.

  Even though she had asked me once before, already.

  We had shared on different things, ordinar as well as spiritual and, as time goes, she softens her thought

  about us, UC members, as she observes reality and sincerity in my life.

  To have repeated her appreciation about coach, Unificationist, and Blessed by Rev. Moon as well,

  opens up an other angle for her to discover TP better and better.

  It cheers me up.

Comment by Catherine Cissé on March 25, 2012 at 4:06am

Facts help build-up TP's in others. And Their Name becomes more acceptable to hear.

Caught with all kind of steps for my papers with the French Administration, the challenge is real

to keep righteous measure in being responsible to the nation. The nation is known for its many

wrong social welfares. In 1987, a note went to all of us, mobile team and center members

in America, highlighting Father's warning us to not be using social welfare, like free food, etc,

because a Unificationist is to serve the nation, not to be served by the nation. As a Unificationist,

to be known by spirit world as using social welfare would bring misfortune on our descendance.

We shouldn't bargain prices either, especially when buying gifts for True Parents. In another hand,

wecan enjoy the sales to do our shopping.

Because of my steps with papers, the matter came to be talked about. Once more, I could bring

 True Parents's name in. Few days later, my older sister sent me a few words :

" thank you to be in our life ". I reported the exact happening to God.

I learned a little bit more about witnessing God and True Parents.

Comment by Catherine Cissé on March 3, 2012 at 1:30pm

We came to speak of some drama that occured long ago with a family member.

When one is hurt, all are. I could share with my sisters how, being very young

myself, I went on with life, remembering the moment over and over again

when I tried communicate about it with my mother, but couldn't make my

silent tension be heard by her, having to go on as she would say,

at that time, busy preparing the meal. 

After we each shared, we went on sharing on how, according one could have

share about it with parents, or not, affected the building of our thoughts,

and thus, self-esteem and self-confidence. Even though siblings, there are not

two alike. One chose to do all to protect her own family members.

One chose political issues to fight "against". I grew up questioning Life.

It was sensible, yet, to speak out that the biggest consequence that drama had

is that it affected our relationship to God altogether. Our religious education

had been formal and dutiful, but had not given any of us, the three of us at least,

that little flame sending us to God with the experience and the lesson(s) to learn.

Father says how Adam was surprised when God kept calling him, wandering if

God knew of what happened or not. Same with us, to True Parents...

That tribal messiaship is to expand husband and wife's true love

to our family members is obvious. It's not just a member's mission, a delivery

of Father's books and biography. More and more, the key for it is in truly

becoming one with Father, inheriting Him absolutly.

Comment by Hermine Schellen on February 4, 2012 at 11:29am

Nice testimony. thanks

Comment by Catherine Cissé on February 4, 2012 at 2:30am

A member asked me if I agree that it is the public jeongseong conditions that led my sisters become receptive

to me. If that was so, all Unificationists would have been asked by their tribe members by now.

Isn't it true ?. Physical interactions are necessary, simply because that is how Earthly life multiplies.

What I observe when I reflect on each encounter, and after reporting exactly those to God,

not judging in any way to have done well or not, or that my sisters did well or not is that :

God, but spiritual world, particularly our ancestors, also, will rather protect our tribe members

from us when our mindset and heart are unclear as why meeting them, than letting happen

a wrong testifying of God and True Parents.

I recently experienced my ancestors's strong release to witness my gained clarity about True Parents.

and thus, my gained clarity about my blessed marriage, Father's direct making.

It humbly reminded me to be the fruit of history and of their story, and that they, long before me,

lived and prepared for the return of Christ. God remember them when they love me.

In all of His talks, Father ask again and again to : DO tribal messiaship.

What I do beside, precise and neutral reporting to God and True Parents,

I ask : how to do, what to say ?... and let God work, aware that God is ALSO

my older sister, or the second one, or another of my family member.

Comment by Catherine Cissé on February 3, 2012 at 9:00am

 More than by the birth of another baby girl in my tribe,

 the fact that my sister number two shared with me about it, allowing me

to come to know the two other children in that son's family of well,

again took me by surprise. After my youngest brother, little Chloé brightens

my own family reason to be. Thanks to Heaven.

Comment by Catherine Cissé on January 18, 2012 at 7:21am

These past holydays, spiritual inspiration guided me to get my sisters involved with the tribe.

I offered my older sister to help her heal my sibling relationships with one another,

something that really matters to her. She is very moved by that. It happened something

that moved me : my younger brother, the youngest of the eight of us, sent his best wishes

to me. His own initiative, not in reply to mine which I hadn't sent. And after two entire decennies !.

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