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 2020 Motto:
Let Us Become True Owners of Cheon Il Guk who Practice True Love in Resemblance to our Creator, The Heavenly Parent

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Hermine Schellen commented on Hermine Schellen's group * Hoon Dok Hae *
"Father:"Does man became a being of lost direction.Sometimes he drifts to the external…"
Hermine Schellen commented on Hermine Schellen's group * Hoon Dok Hae *
"Father:"Each of them is in plus position, internal or external--therefore they repel each…"
Hermine Schellen commented on Hermine Schellen's group * Hoon Dok Hae *
"Father:"Thus the power of love came to be divided into opposing camps of internal and…"
Hermine Schellen commented on Hermine Schellen's group * Hoon Dok Hae *
"Father:" If God were still the only subject, every creature could become harmonized with him,…"




UTS online course: Internet Outreach: Beginner

UTS online course:   

This 5 week online course is open for all members. It starts March 16. Underneath you can see the weekly description. To take the course you have to plan to spend minimum 3-4 hours a week on completing the tasks.  You can work at your own time, but have to complete them by the end of the week. See my article, Web Outreach: THE POWER OF THE INTERNET FOR LEARNING


 Internet Outreach: Beginner

You will discover the amazing power of Internet; though which "the ideology of the Messiah can freely and swiftly flow into the hearts of all mankind." (DP p.424) Learning how to create an effective blog is an important skill in this age of fast information. In this course we will learn how to do that. This means that you will create an actual, effective blog, with effective design, links and articles that can move people's hearts. This is a practical course based on a real, successful model of blogging that could reach millions.

Listen to the personal testimony of the teacher


Internet Witnessin - Beginner 101


Weekly outline:

lesson-1.WEEK 1: EXPLORING THE INTERNET SPACE .....................
You will start your blog; Learn how to choose the name and address;
How to post; You will also write a short testimony. Based on my feed
back they must be corrected by the end of the week.

Show only week 1

lesson-2.WEEK 2: LEARN EFFECTIVE DESIGN ...............................
We will learn effective styles that will directly touch and open the
original mind of the reader/audience; How to design the blog and
the text; How to loading images and video; for effective reading
and impact.
Show only week 2
Internet Outreach Beginner 101
We will learn how to write for internet: The internet of course has it's own
specifics that one needs to know and grasp to be able to attract and keep
the readers attention; as well as attain the best educational effect.
Show only week 4

Learn how to research and track information (who is coming to your blog -
from where, why, how long do they stay and what catches their attention?).
You will also learn how to use links effectively and advertise the content
you want.
Show only week 5

lesson-5.WEEK 5: LEARN HOW TO COME FRONT IN GOOGLE ............
Learn how to come front in Google and how to compete with the other
existing information; How to let  Google know what your blog and article
is about. We will explore issues in internet that urgently need intervention
in order to win this information war.


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