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Wanted: Videos, Full Length Speeches of Father

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Let Us Become True Owners of Cheon Il Guk who Practice True Love in Resemblance to our Creator, The Heavenly Parent

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Bring the Truth in people's homes through Internet

Web-Based Education Commission, In a study on how the Internet is changing the education, reports:

"The Internet is perhaps the most transformative technology in history, reshaping business, media, entertainment, and society in astonishing ways. But for all its power, it is just now being tapped to transform education. - Web-Based Education Commission

Our mission is Education - transform the world through the power of the Word; Bring the Revolution of Heart and Conscience. People lead wrong life and make wrong choices because their understanding of right and wrong is incorrect. As DP clarifies, we have to first learn the truth, than believe it and than practice it in order to be transformed as true people.

From the Fall our Conscience does not work properly. The Truth is reveled today to correct that. But how to educate the whole world with the Truth? We cannot expect them to change without having the true knowledge.

The good news is that the Internet is bringing us closer than we ever thought possible to make learning— of all kinds, at all levels, any time, any place, any pace—a practical reality for every man, woman, and child." - Web-Based Education Commission

My Spiritual Daughter just wrote me:
She was searching for the truth everywhere. Tried many religious texts, but nothing made her feel complete. Than, one morning, she happened to find my pages in Bulgarian. She started reading. She read hundreds of articles about our ideas and history. For a first time she felt with all her heart and mind that she found the truth. She felt overwhelming sense of joy that she never felt before. For the first time spiritual teaching made her feel love towards all the people and all the creation. She was studying by herself reading my articles in Internet. Only then she got in touch with me.

The power of internet is that it makes possible to bring that education directly to the homes of the people from around the world. Only the truth can transform people's lives. Only the truth can liberate their Original Minds. Only the Truth can align us with God - making the Revolution of Conscience. Only than Revolution of Heart will be possible.

Internet and the Overcoming of Human Ignorance

DP states, "the human Fall represents humanity's descent into ignorance." "From the dawn of history until today, human beings have ceaselessly searched for the truth with which to overcome both types of ignorance and attain knowledge." But where is the first place people today go to find information? Internet. The just type in Google and they find everything.

The study of the Commission found that those who "cannot access the Internet and... harness the global web of knowledge. They do not know how to deal in information... They do not know how to find information, how to handle it... how to invest it for their future... These individuals, already at risk, will become increasingly marginal in the emerging knowledge".

My study, however, found another alarming fact. We didn't make the truth appear in Google. Great and urgent responsibility lies on us; to make the truth available in easy, clear to understand, easy to gradually study from home, way.

My success comes not just because I have few thousands of people reading my articles about True Father every day. The value of my work is, that I have created a vast network of information on any possible issue, leading people to understand practically the value of Rev. Moon's vision and teaching. I provided one enormous resource of information. Once they read something they get so amazed by Father and read more and more. Everywhere I give them numerous of interesting links to all kind of curious information they didn't know. Of course they are amaze. Father's inside on each issue is unbelievable.

Testimony about Web Witnessing in Bulgaria
by Tinko Tinev

Related to web outreach there is no question in my mind if it should be done or not.

Internet exists. The more educated and well off people /who have more
power to change the environment/ have a computer with internet access.

Where is your computer in your house? Is it in your basement? Is it in
the corner of your garden - or is it in your bedroom or living room?

If it is probably in one of those and everyone with access to internet
can share ideas therefore what comes in your bedroom or living room
makes a difference to you because this is "your" private space and you
want to have control over it and feel safe.

I have heard people say that web outreach is not real outreach.

How long will it take for someone to feel comfortable with you sitting in
their living room and share your ideas and beliefs?

How long will it take that person to invite you to his/her bedroom
trusting your motivation and not expecting the wrong things from your

All of us go browsing and asking Google and other search engines the questions that interest us.

I work with computers since I was 14. My first computer was an 8 bit Spectrum.

I was one of the first few thousand to have dial up internet access in 1997 in my country.

Things have changed a lot since then and internet has become a tool that we use and our computer is a dear friend.

Being able to share valuable ideas with people in their living room or
bed room is very precious and I strongly believe that internet was
inspired by God to advance his providence.

My dear friend Yulian has become a true inspiration with the work he
does. His shyness lead me to create this group so that I can attract
more attention to his work because what he does makes a huge difference
to many people. I am not able to do what he does because my immediate
work requires all my time and attention so much so that I currently do
not live in the same city with my wife and children. I am observing his
work since more than 2 years and have been amazed with the results
properly organized web outreach can bring. There is such a growing wave
of interest about our movement and True Parents that it seems soon to
reach vast scale. What is most interesting is that not only there is
interest but its the right kind of interest. People go to Yulian's
articles because of genuine curiosity and the words of True Parents
they hear through his articles lead them to have greater and greater

I have a vision since more than 10 years. In this vision we have a
proud web site and web community that shares without fear or shame our

In this web site we have mobile phone ring tones with our holy songs
tunes. We have desktop backgrounds with the logos of the proud
organizations our True Parents have established.

We have wise quotations of from True Parents, True Children and elders
that can inspire and deepen the spiritual life of another human being
irregardless of gender, religion or race.

We have children section with beautiful animated cartoons that express
the beauty of the universal virtues we believe in through simple
stories that will bring joy both to the children and their parents.

CIG is a place where people care about each other so through that web
community we will have the tools through which to help the needy, share
our homes and the belongings that we don't need with others to whom
they may be life saving.

I know there is a long way until this is realized but I have a question
in my mind. If this kind of projects are not done can internet really
fulfill its purpose of creation?

Internet was created to aid scientists and allow the exchange of useful
and creative information. Ultimately we can simply say that internet
was created to share love between all human beings until our spiritual
senses are fully developed and we can communicate directly/this of
course is an over simplified explanation - internet is very useful for
many practical things also/.

What I'm trying to say is that we were created to exchange love and beauty and live in joy.

If internet can facilitate this it serves God. I firmly believe it can
do this but it needs the input of people with the right heart who can
inspire the ones with the means to change the environment.

Read More:
Here are some hints on how to write effectively on internet. I have around 30 blogs in Bulgarian language. 1000 to 12 000 outside people read my articles about TF daily. More than half a million read them each year.

Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart
Scholars Urge to Investigate Human Rights Violations in Japan
Five Curious Facts about the Unification Church
We should re-write each information IN INTERNET,
Our message can reach to the people ,
FIGHT the Negativity in Internet about TF ,
The Power of Internet: Testimony of my spiritual daughter
Results of Web Witnessing - Astonishing!

Join the course at iUnificationist Online Learn in few weeks how to do Web Witnessing: Writing to to enroll.

Articles Testifying about Rev. Moon:


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Comment by Ali Mahjoub on March 7, 2011 at 2:05pm
Yulian, i just registered for internet class 101 for beginner. As i have mentioned to you few weeks ago, that i have a full time job and the only time available for me is Sundays, half day Saturday or evenings after 10:30pm. Is there anyway you could help me with this schedule? Thank you so much. 
Comment by Yulian Marianov on February 7, 2011 at 5:41am
Internet Witnessing: Beginner 101 Print E-mail


This UTS online course is teaching all about effective Web Witnessing:





Comment by hiro tomaru on February 7, 2011 at 4:36am

Dear Yulian,

You are not only a good cyber preacher but also a great web designer, aren't you?    Are you teaching your students how to make technically well-established and beautifully arranged web pages in the course?


Comment by Hermine Schellen on January 31, 2011 at 5:00am

"Son! Why are you so troubled?  If you are sincerely doing it for me, wouldn't I be with you?  Wouldn't I save you even if you are in the most dangerous group"?  ... Isn't it amazing! God does speak to his people! This is an answer not only to Christians, but to Muslims as well! Muslims need to understand that God is our Heaveny Father"


That's a beautiful testimony Ali !  * Thank you *

Comment by Ali Mahjoub on January 30, 2011 at 9:22pm
Speaking of our experience with God.  After attending 2-7 and 21-Day simulntenious workshops, I had a defining mement the day I was asked if I want to join our church movement. I loved everything about the Divine Principle and i enjoyed the friendly company of church members, but I was hazitant about joining.  as my spiritual father was talking to me and trying to help make my mind, my spiritual mother, Jacinta Kreft came to and tryied to help and said "Ali, we are not here to push, norto force you tojoin our movement; you are old enough to make your decision.There is nothing hidden about our movement. You spentalmost forty days with us learning our teaching, we have done all we couldto help you, and this not enough," as she pointed to the forest and said "Go there and pray and ask God for help to tell you what to do." I mildly retaliated and made a cheap comment saying "Oh Yah, God is going to speak to me and tell me what to do, just like that. If God could  do that with me, why couldn't He end the misery and saffering in the world". I knew deep inside that I was crossing the line with God.  Anyway to make my story short. I went deep into the forest and came to a revine and find a spot that I felt is good place for a prayer. And as I was ready, I closed my eyes, and mutteringlike a little boy I said  " Heavenly Father, I am sorry to call you Father. My religion(Islam) forbids me to call you Father. But I would love to be your son. I would love to call you Father, but i am not worthy. I love this group. I learned so much about you in their teaching, but there is so much controversy about them." Suddenly, from the sky, a message came down to me as fast as the speed of light. The words were written on my forehead and spoken simultaneously, and the words said "Son! Why are you so troubled?  If you are sincerely doing it for me, wouldn't I be with you?  Wouldn't I save you even if you are in the most dangerous group"?  ... Isn't it amazing! God does speak to his people! This is an answer not only to Christians, but to Muslims as well! Muslims need to understand that God is our Heaveny Father.  
Comment by Wong Jian rong on September 25, 2010 at 11:53pm
Amazing! Glory to God and True Parents! Today I read September issue of Today's World and saw your article on it, wow!
Comment by Yulian Marianov on September 25, 2010 at 1:22pm
Today I met a nice prepared student in the airplane. We spend 4 hours talking and she was very inspired by everything. I can see on her hand and by her story that she has incredible good ancestors. Than I send her few articles about issues she was very interested about.
Comment by Wong Jian rong on September 25, 2010 at 12:22am
Dear Mr.Yulian Marianov, you are truly very inspiring hope for witnessing on the internet! Amazing! I will try doing it too and share it with my family too! AJU!

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