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Let Us Become True Owners of Cheon Il Guk who Practice True Love in Resemblance to our Creator, The Heavenly Parent

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Web Witnessing: The words have enormous power and we should learn how to use it to be effective in Internet Witnessing
In the online course on Web Witnessing people are still working on the first 2 assignments from the first lesson. In the following lessons things will start getting very exciting, especially once we come to the required look and start popularizing them. Here are some hints on how to write effectively on internet and we will go step by step through them.

1. In the first part every participant created a blog and had to select good key words for their blog name and for the article. These key words are essential for Google to find you.

2. In the second part they are learning to make research in internet. Find what others write on similar issues, find our good sources and thus provide a good source of information on the issue they selected and what key words are most used and popular, that they can implement and write good, informative article.

The key words: USE THEIR POWER
Words have a special power in Internet. Key words, like "Sun Myung Moon", in the name of the blog and in the address can make this blog to appear when people search for info about Rev. Moon in Google. Yet, we should always think what impression they will get when they come. Using our church terminology will not help them understand what we are talking about. Wrong words can provoke negative power.

Topic and Introduction should attract readers, not repulse them
We don't want our words to have negative effect. So be careful with church terminology. Only later in the text we can use our terminology, but after properly introducing what we are talking about. So always start with topic and introduction that people can understand and get inspired to read about. Otherwise our work in internet will be contra-productive and only push people away. We should be always conscious about that.

Learn through practice and feed back
Gradually in the course we will learn how to write for internet and how to use the power of the written words. The assignments teach step by step many small details of how to make you page attractive to outside audience. Each assignment is designed to teach different element, so that finally everything will be effective and yet, you will not be overloaded on the way.

Know what we want to convey to the outside world
The purpose is to make the core of True Father's message clear and understandable to the outside world.
Of course there are many different ways to do that and we will go through some of them in the course.

How to write for internet
Writing for Internet has some specific difference. First you give the exciting, shocking news or statement and than you explain it and give facts. Why? People are skimming through lot's of information. There is plenty of sources on internet, so they want to quickly see if it is a meaning to even read this one. If you don't give them a reason to stay with you topic and introduction they will just leave.

If they open few blogs on a issue, they will stay on the one which gives most valuable information

They will not spend longer than 20 seconds to see if something is grabbing their attention. So all the topics around, all the underlined key words are to help them see what information they will get. It has to be inspiring and informative to keep them stay and read. So when I write on a issue I try to give more and better information than anyone else I found in Google, who wrote about it and I always try show them TF's view.

But this we will improve gradually through the course, so just follow the steps now and the feed back will help you learn in the process.

Two ways how to make a statement attractive for outside readers:
Here is a good example. Someone wrote in his sub-topic, "A look into the profound teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, to save humanity and restore them back to their original position". But how will people understand the second part? Are they gonna be inspired or become negative by that? Can we still say the same thing but inspire people instead? Let me mention two different ways that I could use:

1.Declarative way: Make the statement even more shocking and direct, yet exciting and news like. For example:
A look into the profound teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon: "It transforms people's lives", "The hope for a new world of peace", "Brings a revolution of Heart and Conscience"...

You declare a strong statement, but it sounds exciting, clear and understandable. "Save" and "Original position" are understood differently from different outside people. Religious people will be enraged, non religious people will be disgusted... it's not the effect you want. You proclaim something that no one can deny is a good purpose. Than even though it is strong statement and too shocking, they cannot deny it is good.

2. Nice informative way: Make it more social related. Instead of "save", write, "restores true love in the family", "helps us become good parents", "resolves problems with youth immorality" and so on...

I hope you get the difference. It's always ones personal choice and creativity, but I want members to open their awareness for these differences in the approach. The words have enormous power and we should learn how to use it.

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